About the Founders

The foundation of our business is a relationship. We’re sisters who have transcended from the LOVE of sisters to the bond of FRIENDSHIP,  which has evolved into a PARTNERSHIPS that is built on mutual trust and respect over the years. We typically understand the delicate balance of these types of relationships.

Why this Idea

We incorporated our business when the economy was in a recession. Businesses and individuals were cutting back on spending. However, we noticed that the need to make a best friend happy on their birthday remained, the constant struggle for a husband  to remember and  plan the  wedding anniversary remained, the nagging need for a colleague to thank a great Boss remained or for a business to show appreciation to loyal customers or Staff remained. We also noticed that with or without money, Bobo will propose to his Bae.

Overall, The need to make special dates of a calendar memorable still remained irrespective of the economy, the time of the year or the location.

We started thinking creatively and a serendipitous moment happened that sparked the concept for our business which is to make the everyday event possible in unforgettable ways.

Why do you believe in this- Result we have gotten from the service

Funny Story: A client contracted us to woo his ex – girlfriend on her birthday because she is the love of his life… After we delivered the service.. He came back to say:  ‘’I want to join your team to create a solution for guys all around the world’’  He actually joined our team.

What Drives Our Company:

In this world, you have 3 different types of relationships:

The ones you meet  – Family

The Ones you intentionally build – Love & Friendships

The Ones that Enrich you – Professional or Business Associates

We envision a company that will  grow beyond us to enrich the lives of clients and associates because we are addressing a core human need to feel loved, valued and celebrated.

These 3 are core for us. We exist for your love, friendship and Partnerships.

We are constantly thinking and creating new ways to keep you unforgettable either by word or deed


Company Culture that keeps customers coming back

Customer Centric: Solutions are customized to the unique need or event, we listen to feedback, we listen for new ideas. We listen to your challenges because it provides the raw material for the creative process.


Creativity:  We  have to constantly thinking of new ways to  keep things fresh for the customers. There is never going to be a summit to say, ‘’we have arrived’’, We are a reiterative company, as we seek new ways to engage with our customers and meet their needs.


Code of Honour: keeps us disciplined which inspires the trust of our customers.